Coaching MBA students at RSM

Together with around 10 colleagues, I had the privilege to coach 12 wonderful international MBA students this week. We had the second coaching session being part of the Personal Leadership Program at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Being in the RSM building you can feel the vibrant atmosphere of hard working and connecting people from all over the world.

I experienced the richness of all the learnings. There was a permission to fail and a struggle not to fail. There was vulnerability and there were oysters that dared to open a bit. There was the desire to increase impact and the wish to lessen visibility.  I saw self- assurance and doubt, eagerness to learn and hesitation, being prepared and not having any preparation at all, laughs and tears. There was a lot of sharing about the way people put their learning into practice, about attempts that didn’t work ánd regrets no having tried at all.

But primarily, these awesome students put a lot of effort in their development. I came home with the satisfied fatigue of two days giving the best I could to encourage these people to become the best version of themselves. Looking back with a happy smile ?